Game Lines 98 

Introduce Game Lines 98

Category: Classics

Date Posted: 16-12-2014

Game Line 98  Game office probably has the longest life expectancy in the game even compared to   Pikachu  , people still know to Line ago. I remember the first time on Windows 98 Game. As the name of the game Line 98 comes with 98 digits. Although it is unclear whether the other 98 can be derived from the windown version or not? Feeling for the first time since 2008 to play Line on PC only 32 MB of RAM and computer configuration less than 1 GHz chip.


Game line98

Choose from 1 to 3 ratio

   Game line98 on  in the form of the most classic puzzle game and attract the most players make the conquest of the scale and challenge players with yet.

   Also played his first 100 points then, the players know how to play can reach hundreds of thousands of points and never get Game Over, but just have not had time to play it. You tried to play Line 98 no, now you can play very easily by visiting our website and play online on your PC without installation. In addition to the classic version, you can play other games with similar playing style or size. That is the game version offline support Line your computer if your computer does not have the network to online.


download game line 98

5 members of the same color arranged for breakfast

   Wish you happy gaming and do not forget to save high scores (after the end game of publications on the word Save Point on the screen) to compare with people all across Vietnam offline. Also you can share your score on Facebook to challenge your friends.

   Along  back years old free with classic games  have made ​​headlines a generation 9x are light, wish you happy gaming and do not forget the data performance was topped when offline.

Game Lines 98 

Guide play Game Lines 98

 When you play the  game line 98  will not be the first time the high point. But when has love and to download to your computer Line98 become a players playing then. But whether you believe you're the best or not?Gaming is not only want happy with yourself that you still want to look at myself and others and recorded your ability. So, in many games  , after games and scored points then, you notice the save point again to compare with other players offline. How to save is also very simple point that is after the end of games to play, you try clicking on the letters Game Over and self-review system will save you after you name? Thanks to the save point will bring a lot of interesting things for you there. Examples include:


game line 98

Save up points and show off points facebook

   1) Save the ranking points to see how many points topped?

   2) Compete with your friends and colleagues to distinguish high and low resources. 

   3) You are woo a girl or guy is, and invite 'him' your challenge with this game is fun and exciting

How to play:

   On the pitch there are 81 small squares contain a maximum of 81 balls with colorful red orange yellow green ... in each small cell. Playground size 9x9 square. Your task is to arrange at least five balls of the same colorhorizontal vertical or diagonal to them disappear and you score points. After each move would appear to add 3 new balls . Game Over when on the field playing with 81 balls then you do not keep the ball appeared to kill more number of balls destroyed.

   Please arrange at least five balls of the same color in rows horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to score.


How to play:

   Used  Mouse to sort the balls.

   Note: To save the points you need to play until you lose and the game ends.

puzzle | diamonds
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