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Tetris Doraemon 

Introduce Tetris Doraemon

Category: Kids

Date Posted: 08-12-2014

Type game: Challenge up points

Tetris classic game Doraemon and intellect for children . Games puzzle must have been familiar to us, puzzle Doraemon is an improved version of the classic puzzle. In the puzzle game Doraemon you will meet familiar characters in comics as Nobita Doraemon, Chaien, Xeco, Xuca and certainly the machine cat Doraemon.


the character of the comic quuen doremon

The familiar characters of Doraemon puzzle game

In the game we will easily recognize pictures of the adventure of Doraemon and friends in the comics as Dinosaur Park novels, story collections Nobita to Persian, Devils Win Kamat, ... 

You can play online game Puzzle Doraemon in many games or puzzle game Doraemon download to your computer to play offline.

Wish you happy gaming on multiple game.

Tetris Doraemon 

Guide play Tetris Doraemon

Use the mouse Puzzle doremon to drag and drop the pieces of the painting and put into the piece adjacent to it until they form a complete picture. 
You can choose the level of difficulty that corresponds to their ability selecting different characters as Nobita , Chaien, Xeko.


Puzzle doremon

Nobita foolish man is the easiest level


hinh car doremon

Chaien meaty guy is inadequate


Puzzle doremon

Xeko pointed beak is the most difficult.


Naturally corresponding to each level, point to a page the higher radiation. So to record high scores you need to close quickly and more difficult levels should also fit.

Doraemon puzzle game play is simple with many attractive new features to help players relieve stress after work hours to help stimulate the reasoning of the baby helps eyed little more than agility. Players will merge small piece of the picture was cut out to form a complete picture. To win the player will have completed five paintings.

When the game is finished you can save up ranking points of many games or fuzzy friends to join the challenging puzzle game Doraemon on many games.

puzzle | doremon | nobita
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